Our road so far

Herdius intends to be a decentralized exchange and banking platform. Our goal is to build rapid and secure financial blockchain infrastructure.





Technical and Legal work begins

June, 2017

In June, we set out to make Herdius a reality. This meant a lot of work on the technical and legal side, as there wasn’t any precedent in Germany.

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Pre-sale begins

December, 2017

Our pre-sale officially begins. You can find out more details on it by visiting our Medium publication or by writing us an email to ir@herdius.com.

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Pre-Sale goes as planned

Q1, 2018

The first major milestone is reached: We aimed to offer the first ICO fully compliant with German law. In order to ensure this, we initiated an inquiry with the German regulator which is still ongoing. We expect final clearance of certain aspects prior to the start of the ICO. However, we are told that other aspects will presumably not be finally be commented on as the German regulator still works on forming an opinion. In light of this, we took the business decision not to delay the project any further but to operate on the basis of best knowledge available to us and taking the risk on being determined retroactively to not having been in full compliance. We regret that it had not been possible to obtain full clearance and must ask everyone supporting us to consider the risks involved in the current still uncertain legal environment.

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Development begins

February, 2018

Thanks to the success of the Herdius pre-sale. Our team has started to work on the implementation of the Herdius infrastructure.

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Developer community building

June, 2018

As soon as the first releasable code is finished, we want to make it publicly available. On top, we then plan to begin to invest in building the developer community.

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Business community outreach is expected to begin.

September, 2018

For the Herdius platform to reach its potential, adoption by the business ecosystem is critical. As soon as we approach the Alpha release, we want to begin with our business outreach activities.

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Alpha release of chain

September, 2018

The alpha version of the Herdius chain will be released. Most likely, it will have limited functionality and be released mainly for testing purposes.

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We plan to begin security audits

December, 2018

The first public and usable release of the Herdius chain including our decentralized exchange.

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End user marketing campaigns launch

August, 2019

Once the network is running and initial performance is stable, we will start our marketing and network growth efforts addressing end users.

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