The HER Token

The HER token intends to be a new cryptocurrency and utility token. Acting as the Herdius network’s central incentive and rewards mechanism.

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Network Governance

We imagine HER token holders to be involved in quarterly suggestion sessions where they can suggest proposals regarding the future development of the Herdius chain as well as suggest new chains to be made compatible within the Herdius ecosystem. As we believe smart contracts offer a safe and fair solution to all parties during the suggesting process, we want to set up smart contracts to which HER token holders could send their coins to vote on proposals.


According to our current thinking, HER token holders would be able to use their tokens to stake transactions on the Herdius chain by becoming staked validators. HER tokens are meant to be locked up in a mechanism similar to a time locked smart contract. A user’s HER token would be locked up and inaccessible until she or he has finished validating the block. This way, validators could be held accountable for any kind of misbehavior in the validation process, e.g. validating fraud transactions.



We want to include initial buyers of HER tokens in the process of designing future architecture that Herdius intends to develop. Including token holders is going to be a challenge due to regulatory limitations though; nonetheless we will try anything within our power to include our token holders to as much of an extent as possible.



The Herdius ICO

We chose a fair, transparent and reasonable ICO structure. In doing so, we wanted to ensure that the Herdius network can be built successfully and that we create a healthy basis on which the Herdius ecosystem can flourish. Due to our token economy relying on Delegated Proof-of-Stake it is important for all HER tokens to be circulating within the ecosystem

The Herdius pre-sale has already begun. The ICO is scheduled to take place 2018. Participating in the pre-sale can be done so by emailing

You can find out more details about the Herdius ICO structure in our Whitepaper and Medium publication ( More details on the ICO you can find at

The HER token sold during the ICO is an ERC20 token, Ethereum’s token standard.


Percentage of shares


Allocation to Herdius Team


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What is Herdius’ core innovation?


The Herdius blockchain is meant to be highly scalable and to introduce fast transactions across blockchains in a truly decentralized way. It is supposed to create a superior user experience for cryptocurrency owners and to act as reliable infrastructure for all kinds of services.

Where can I keep track of the latest news and technical updates?


You can keep track of our latest news and updates in our Blog & Social Media channels or through our Newsletter for which you can sign up at the bottom of the page.

Where can I read your Whitepaper?


You can download our Whitepaper by clicking on the “Download Whitepaper” button on our Home page.

When will you release the Herdius platform?


We expect the alpha version of Herdius to be ready by the end of 2018. For a complete timeline, consult our roadmap.

What is the total amount of issued tokens?


A total supply of 60.000.000 HER token will be created and allocated during the ICO. Unsold tokens will stay with the team.

What happens if you don’t reach the soft cap?


All tokens will be refunded to the wallet addresses of the senders.

Token Sale

What is the price of 1 HER during the ICO?


The exact price of HER tokens will be published at least three days prior to the start of our ICO.

How much do you want to raise during ICO?


We implemented a soft cap at a yet to be determined ETH amount approximating €5 million. Our ICO is hard capped at an ETH amount approximating €30 million.

Where can I buy HER tokens during ICO?


HER tokens will be purchasable only from Herdius’ crowdsale website as well as Cybex for the initial ETO.

Is the Herdius ICO open for participators from everywhere?


Due to legal and regulatory restrictions, we must blacklist participators from several countries. While a full list will be published just days ahead of the ICO - due to the dynamic global regulatory environment.

When will the tokens be distributed?


Once the ICO begins, you will receive your HER tokens instantly after we received the corresponding amount of ETH.

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